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Khumo RRS Consulting provides a solid, comprehensive business consulting service that will ensure ease of business transactions and operations in Africa and emerging markets.

Service offering

Our diverse experience in multinational markets and our solid partnerships with our stakeholders enables us to deliver a broad set of world-class services to our clients.


Introductions to key sector players and stakeholders Facilitation of meetings with key sector players and stakeholder.

Deal origination and vetting

Development of a pipeline of deals and initial vetting and filtering according to the investor’s investment criteria.

Market intelligence and research

Comprehensive research to aid understanding of the relevant local and international business environments.

Market entry strategy

Strategy development based on an understanding of the local business landscape in terms of competitors, regulatory issues, social trends, economic conditions, including recommendations on the best approach for the investor to enter the chosen market.

Partner identification and vetting

Most African governments now require that foreign investors partner with local businesses. We are able to help identify local partners as well as vet them.

Marketing strategic planning

As part of the marketing strategy development process, we offer complementary branding and distributing skills and process guidance.

Business continuity

Acting as senior counsel for investors’ continued success and operation in their markets of choice Stakeholder management.

Trade missions

  • We clarify the objectives of trade visits to all countries involved.
  • Defining the roles of stakeholders and briefing delegates accordingly.
  • The sourcing of stakeholder delegations and market study in line with our clients mandate i.e. analytic Industry analysis.
  • The Strategic mapping of sectors of interest to client and Sector Dynamics.
  • Accompany clients on trade visits in order to ensure objectives are reached.
  • Exit report and follow up recommendations based on trade visit and meeting outcomes.
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