Trade and Investment


We look to link and facilitate communication between prospective investors and project owners.

We identify investment opportunities with maximum returns in both the African and South East Asian countries with promising and proven economic growth and stability and where there is a need for foreign direct investments and trade.

We look to form partnerships with other dynamic and driven organisations that are aligned to our values.


Our approach to all investment transactions is simple and uncomplicated to minimise investment risk and maximise investment returns.

Investment Approach to Transactions

We follow the following steps in identifying and concluding transactions:

STEP 1: Market research and identification

Detailed market research to identify growing markets that offer investment opportunities.

STEP 2 - Market insight provision

Development of a market entry strategy for investors, through providing them with the market research withall investment opportunities or project and risks outlined.

STEP 3 - Linking investors

Creation of a platform for the parties to communicate, forge partnership and outline the investment.

The following parties are involved in this process:


Our investor has identified an investment opportunity and will ensure that the party is able to penetrate the market and take advantage of opportunities identified.

Investment Facilitators

Our business will work together with its experts and relevant networks in Africa and South East Asia to facilitate and execute investment partnerships. Our business and its partners will ensure that all legal, political and financial contracts between the investor and the project owner conform to proper investment procedures.

Project owner

We and our partners identify and evaluate project owners that need investment injection.

Discuss the Goals and Objectives of the Proposed Project

Understand what each party would like to achieve from the project.

Deliberate what is expected of each party to make the project a success.

Provide the necessary supporting documents from the investor with regard to transaction procedures and product specifications.

Identifying Project Owners and Determining Requirements

Identify project owners and determine the kind of investment required.

Work within agreed timelines to ensure returns for investment.

Facilitate and Execute Transactions

Conclude transactions according to the agreed undertakings.

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